Time Tracking

Time tracking information can be defined at the task level or at the subtask level.

Task Time Tracking

Task Time Tracking

Tasks have two fields:

  • Time estimated
  • Time spent

These values represent hours of work and have to be set manually.

Subtask Time Tracking

Subtask Time Tracking

Subtasks also have the fields “time spent” and “time estimated”.

When you change the value of these fields, the task time tracking values are updated automatically and becomes the sum of all subtask values.

Kanboard records the time between each subtask status change in a separate table.

  • Changing subtask status from todo to in progress logs the start time
  • Changing subtask status from in progress to done logs the end time but also update the time spent of the subtask and the task

The breakdown of all records is visible in the task view page:

Take Timesheet

For each subtask, the timer can be stopped/started at any time:

Subtask Timer

  • The timer doesn’t depend of the subtask status
  • Each time you start the timer a new record is created in the time tracking table
  • Each time you stop the clock the end date is recorded in the time tracking table
  • The calculated time spent is rounded to the nearest quarter (only for Kanboard < 1.0.32)