Kanboard Documentation

Advanced Search Syntax

Kanboard uses a simple query language for advanced search. You can search in tasks, comments, subtasks, links but also in the activity stream.

Example of Query

This example will return all tasks assigned to me with a due date for tomorrow and a title that contains “my title”:

assignee:me due:tomorrow my title

Search by task id or title

  • Search by task id: #123
  • Search by task id and task title: 123
  • Search by task title: anything that doesn’t match any search attributes

Search by status

Attribute: status

  • Query to find open tasks: status:open
  • Query to find closed tasks: status:closed

Search by assignee

Attribute: assignee

  • Query with the full name: assignee:"Frederic Guillot"
  • Query with the username: assignee:fguillot
  • Multiple assignee lookup: assignee:user1 assignee:"John Doe"
  • Query for unassigned tasks: assignee:nobody
  • Query for my assigned tasks: assignee:me

Search by task creator

Attribute: creator

  • Tasks created by myself: creator:me
  • Tasks created by John Doe: creator:"John Doe"
  • Tasks created by the user id #1: creator:1

Search by subtask assignee

Attribute: subtask:assignee

  • Example: subtask:assignee:"John Doe"

Search by color

Attribute: color

  • Query to search by color id: color:blue
  • Query to search by color name: color:"Deep Orange"

Search by the due date

Attribute: due

  • Search tasks due today: due:today
  • Search tasks due tomorrow: due:tomorrow
  • Search tasks due yesterday: due:yesterday
  • Search tasks due with the exact date: due:2015-06-29
  • Search tasks without a due date: due:none

The date must use the ISO 8601 format: YYYY-MM-DD.

All string formats supported by the strtotime() function are supported, for example next Thursday, -2 days, +2 months, tomorrow, etc.

Operators supported with a date:

  • Greater than: due:>2015-06-29
  • Lower than: due:<2015-06-29
  • Greater than or equal: due:>=2015-06-29
  • Lower than or equal: due:<=2015-06-29

Search by modification date

  • Attribute: modified or updated

The date formats are the same as the due date.

There is also a filter by recently modified tasks: modified:recently.

This query will use the same value as the board highlight period configured in settings.

Search by creation date

  • Attribute: created

Works in the same way as the modification date queries.

Search by creation date with range

  • Attribute: createdRange
  • Date separator .. (two dots)
  • Example: createdRange:2018/01/21..2018/01/31 or createdRange:"2018-01-21..2018-01-31"

Search by completion date with range

  • Attribute: completedRange
  • Date separator .. (two dots)
  • Example: completedRange:2018/01/21..2018/01/31 or completedRange:"2018-01-21..2018-01-31"

Search by modification date with range

  • Attribute: updatedRange, modifiedRange
  • Date separator .. (two dots)
  • Example: updatedRange:2018/01/21..2018/01/31 or updatedRange:"2018-01-21..2018-01-31"

Search by moved date with range

  • Attribute: movedRange
  • Date separator .. (two dots)
  • Example: movedRange:2018/01/21..2018/01/31 or movedRange:"2018-01-21..2018-01-31"

Search by start date

  • Attribute: started

Search by description

Attribute: description or desc

  • Example: description:"text search"

Search by completion

  • Attribute: completed

Search by external reference

The task reference is an external ID of your task, for example a ticket number from another software.

  • Find tasks with a reference: ref:1234 or reference:TICKET-1234
  • Find tasks with no reference: reference:none
  • Wildcard search: ref:TICKET-*

Search by category

Attribute: category

  • Find tasks with a specific category: category:"Feature Request"
  • Find all tasks that have those categories: category:"Bug" category:"Improvements"
  • Find tasks with no category assigned: category:none
  • Find tasks by the category ID or category name: category:1234

Search by project

Attribute: project

  • Find tasks by project name: project:"My project name"
  • Find tasks by project id: project:23
  • Find tasks for several projects: project:"My project A" project:"My project B"

Search by columns

Attribute: column

  • Find tasks by column name: column:"Work in progress"
  • Find tasks for several columns: column:"Backlog" column:ready

Search by swimlane

Attribute: swimlane

  • Find tasks by swim-lane: swimlane:"Version 42"
  • Find tasks into several swim-lanes: swimlane:"Version 1.2" swimlane:"Version 1.3"

Attribute: link

  • Find tasks by link name: link:"is a milestone of"
  • Find tasks into several links: link:"is a milestone of" link:"relates to"

Search by comment

Attribute: comment

  • Find comments that contains this title: comment:"My comment message"

Search by tags

Attribute: tag

  • Example: tag:"My tag"

Search by score/complexity

Attribute: score or complexity

  • score:>=21
  • complexity:8

Search events by task title

Attribute: title or none (default)

  • Example: title:"My task"
  • Search by task id: #123

Search events by task status

Attribute: status

Search by event creator

Attribute: creator

Search by event creation date

Attribute: created

Search events by project

Attribute: project