Kanboard Documentation

Mail Transport

By default Kanboard supports 3 standards mail transports:

  • Mail (PHP mail function)
  • Smtp
  • Sendmail command

With the plugin API you can add a driver for any email provider. For example, your plugin can add a mail transport for a provider that uses an HTTP API.


Your plugin must implement the interface Kanboard\Core\Mail\ClientInterface and extends from Kanboard\Core\Base.

The only method you need to implement is sendEmail():

interface ClientInterface
     * Send a HTML email
     * @access public
     * @param  string $recipientEmail
     * @param  string $recipientName
     * @param  string $subject
     * @param  string $html
     * @param  string $authorName
     * @param  string $authorEmail
    public function sendEmail($recipientEmail, $recipientName, $subject, $html, $authorName, $authorEmail = '');

To register your new mail transport, use the method setTransport($transport, $class) from the class Kanboard\Core\Mail\Client:

$this->emailClient->setTransport('myprovider', '\Kanboard\Plugin\MyProvider\MyEmailHandler');

The second argument contains the absolute name space of your concrete class.

Examples of mail transport plugins