Custom Group Providers

Kanboard is able to load groups from an external system. This feature is mainly used for project permissions.

Project managers can allow access to a project for a group. The end-user will use an auto-complete box and search for a group.

Each time a group query is executed, all registered group providers are executed.

Group Provider Workflow

  1. The end-user start to type the group name in the auto-complete field
  2. The GroupManager class will execute the query across all registered group providers
  3. Results are merged and returned to the user interface
  4. After selecting a group, the information of the group are synced to the local database if necessary

Group Provider Interface

Interface to implement: Kanboard\Core\Group\GroupProviderInterface.

Classes that implements this interface abstract the group information, there are only 3 methods:

  • getInternalId(): Get internal database id, return 0 otherwise
  • getExternalId(): Get external unique id
  • getName(): Get group name

Kanboard will use the external id to sync with the local database.

Group Backend Provider Interface

Interface to implement: Kanboard\Core\Group\GroupBackendProviderInterface.

This interface requires only one method: find($input). The argument $input is the text entered from the user interface.

This method must return a list of GroupProviderInterface, this is the result of the search.

Backend Registration from Plugins

In the method initialize() of your plugin register your custom backend like that:

$groupManager->register(new MyCustomLdapBackendGroupProvider($this->container));