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External Link Providers

This functionality allows you to link a task to additional items stored on another system.

For example, you can link a task to:

  • Traditional web page
  • Attachment (PDF documents stored on the web, archive…)
  • Any ticketing system (bug tracker, customer support ticket…)

Each item has a type, a URL, a dependency type and a title.

By default, Kanboard includes two kinds of providers:

  • Web Link: You copy and paste a link and Kanboard will fetch the page title automatically
  • Attachment: Link to anything that is not a web page


  1. The end-user copy and paste the URL to the form and submit
  2. If the link type is “auto”, Kanboard will loop through all providers registered until there is a match
  3. Then, the link provider returns a object that implements the interface ExternalLinkInterface
  4. A form is shown to the user with all pre-filled data before to save the link


To implement a new link provider from a plugin, you need to create 2 classes that implement those interfaces:

  • Kanboard\Core\ExternalLink\ExternalLinkProviderInterface
  • Kanboard\Core\ExternalLink\ExternalLinkInterface


getName()Get provider name (label)
getType()Get link type (will be saved in the database)
getDependencies()Get a dictionary of supported dependency types by the provider
setUserTextInput($input)Set text entered by the user
match()Return true if the provider can parse correctly the user input
getLink()Get the link found with the properties


getTitle()Get link title
getUrl()Get link URL
setUrl($url)Set link URL

In your Plugin.php, just call the method register() from the object ExternalLinkManager:


namespace Kanboard\Plugin\MyExternalLink;

use Kanboard\Core\Plugin\Base;

class Plugin extends Base
    public function initialize()
        $this->externalLinkManager->register(new MyLinkProvider($this->container));


  • Kanboard includes the default providers “WebLink” and “Attachment”