Background Workers

This feature is not maintained anymore. Use at your own risk.

Depending on your configuration, some features can slow down the application if they are executed in the same process as the HTTP request. Kanboard can delegate these tasks to a background worker that listen for incoming events.

Example of feature that may slow down Kanboard:

  • Sending emails via an external SMTP server can take several seconds
  • Sending notifications to external services

This feature is optional and require the installation of a queue daemon on your server.


Beanstalk is a simple, fast work queue.

  • To install Beanstalk, you can simply use the package manager of your Linux distribution
  • Install the Kanboard plugin for Beanstalk
  • Start the worker with the Kanboard command line tool: ./cli worker


RabbitMQ is a robust messaging system that is more suitable for high-availability infrastructure.

  • Follow the official documentation of RabbitMQ for the installation and the configuration
  • Install the Kanboard plugin for RabbitMQ
  • Start the worker with the Kanboard command line tool: ./cli worker
  • You should start the Kanboard worker with a process supervisor (systemd, upstart or supervisord)
  • The process must have access to the data folder if you store files on the local filesystem or use Sqlite