Kanboard Documentation

Plugins Installation

Since Kanboard v1.2.8, installing plugins from the web interface is disabled by default for security reasons.

To install, update and remove plugins from the user interface, you must have these requirements:

  • The plugin directory must be writeable by the web server user.
  • The PHP Zip extension must be available on your server.
  • The config parameter PLUGIN_INSTALLER must be set to true.

Only administrators are allowed to install plugins from the user interface.

By default, only plugins listed on Kanboard’s website are available. You can change the directory URL by using the config option PLUGIN_API_URL.

If you are using the Docker image, you can refers to the Kanboard Docker documentation for examples of configuration.

  • There is no code review or any approval process to submit a plugin.
  • This is up to the Kanboard instance owner to validate if a plugin is legit.