Kanboard Documentation

Command Line Interface

Kanboard provides a simple command line interface that can be used from any Unix terminal. This tool can be used only on the local machine.

This feature is useful to run commands outside of the web server processes.


  • Open a terminal and go to your Kanboard directory (example: cd /var/www/kanboard)
  • Run the command ./cli or php cli
Kanboard v1.2.11

  command [options] [arguments]

  -h, --help            Display this help message
  -q, --quiet           Do not output any message
  -V, --version         Display this application version
      --ansi            Force ANSI output
      --no-ansi         Disable ANSI output
  -n, --no-interaction  Do not ask any interactive question
  -v|vv|vvv, --verbose  Increase the verbosity of messages: 1 for normal output, 2 for more verbose output and 3 for debug

Available commands:
  cronjob                            Execute daily cronjob
  css                                Minify CSS files
  help                               Displays help for a command
  job                                Execute individual job (read payload from stdin)
  js                                 Minify Javascript files
  list                               Lists commands
  version                            Display Kanboard version
  worker                             Execute queue worker
  db:migrate                         Execute SQL migrations
  db:version                         Show database schema version
  export:daily-project-column-stats  Daily project column stats CSV export (number of tasks per column and per day)
  export:subtasks                    Subtasks CSV export
  export:tasks                       Tasks CSV export
  export:transitions                 Task transitions CSV export
  locale:compare                     Compare application translations with the fr_FR locale
  locale:sync                        Synchronize all translations based on the fr_FR locale
  notification:overdue-tasks         Send notifications for overdue tasks
  plugin:install                     Install a plugin from a remote Zip archive
  plugin:uninstall                   Remove a plugin
  plugin:upgrade                     Update all installed plugins
  projects:archive                   Disable projects not touched during one year
  projects:archive-activities        Remove project activities after one year
  projects:daily-stats               Calculate daily statistics for all projects
  trigger:tasks                      Trigger scheduler event for all tasks
  user:reset-2fa                     Remove two-factor authentication for a user
  user:reset-password                Change user password

Available commands

Tasks CSV export


./cli export:tasks <project_id> <start_date> <end_date>


./cli export:tasks 1 2014-10-01 2014-11-30 > /tmp/my_custom_export.csv

CSV data are sent to stdout.

Subtasks CSV export


./cli export:subtasks <project_id> <start_date> <end_date>


./cli export:subtasks 1 2014-10-01 2014-11-30 > /tmp/my_custom_export.csv

Task transitions CSV export


./cli export:transitions <project_id> <start_date> <end_date>


./cli export:transitions 1 2014-10-01 2014-11-30 > /tmp/my_custom_export.csv

Export daily summaries data in CSV

The exported data will be printed on the standard output:

./cli export:daily-project-column-stats <project_id> <start_date> <end_date>


./cli export:daily-project-column-stats 1 2014-10-01 2014-11-30 > /tmp/my_custom_export.csv

Send notifications for overdue tasks

Emails will be sent to all users with notifications enabled.

./cli notification:overdue-tasks

Optional parameters:

  • --show: Display notifications sent
  • --group: Group all overdue tasks for one user (from all projects) in one email
  • --manager: Send all overdue tasks to project manager(s) in one email
  • -p|--project project_id|identifier: Send notifications only for the given project

You can also display the overdue tasks with the flag --show:

./cli notification:overdue-tasks --show
| Id  | Title   | Due date   | Project Id | Project name | Assignee |
| 201 | Test    | 2014-10-26 | 1          | Project #0   | admin    |
| 202 | My task | 2014-10-28 | 1          | Project #0   |          |

Example to filter by project:

./cli notification:overdue-tasks --project 123

Or if you have defined a project identifier:

./cli notification:overdue-tasks --project MY_PROJECT

Run daily project stats calculation

This command calculate the statistics of each project:

./cli projects:daily-stats
Run calculation for Project #0
Run calculation for Project #1
Run calculation for Project #10

Trigger for tasks

This command send a “daily cronjob event” to all open tasks of each project.

./cli trigger:tasks
Trigger task event: project_id=2, nb_tasks=1

Reset user password

./cli user:reset-password my_user

You will be prompted for a password and confirmation. Characters are not printed to the screen.

Remove two-factor authentication for a user

./cli user:reset-2fa my_user

Install a plugin

./cli plugin:install https://github.com/kanboard/plugin-github-auth/releases/download/v1.0.1/GithubAuth-1.0.1.zip

Note: Installed files will have the same permissions as the current user

Remove a plugin

./cli plugin:uninstall Budget

Upgrade all plugins

./cli plugin:upgrade
* Updating plugin: Budget Planning
* Plugin up to date: Github Authentication

Run Background worker

./cli worker
The background worker is not maintained anymore.

Execute individual job (mostly for debugging)

echo 'RAW_JOB_DATA' | ./cli job

Execute database migrations

If the parameter DB_RUN_MIGRATIONS is set to false, you have run the database migrations manually:

./cli db:migrate

Check database schema version

./cli db:version
Current version: 95
Last version: 96