LDAP Configuration Parameters


  • LDAP attributes must be lowercase.
  • Nested groups are not implemented, send a pull-request if you need this feature.
Parameter Default value Description
LDAP_AUTH false Enable LDAP authentication
LDAP_SERVER Empty LDAP server hostname
LDAP_PORT 389 LDAP server port
LDAP_SSL_VERIFY true Validate certificate for ldaps:// style URL
LDAP_START_TLS false Enable LDAP start TLS
LDAP_USERNAME_CASE_SENSITIVE false Kanboard lowercase the ldap username to avoid duplicate users (the database is case sensitive)
LDAP_BIND_TYPE anonymous Bind type: “anonymous”, “user” or “proxy”
LDAP_USERNAME null LDAP username to use with proxy mode or username pattern to use with user mode
LDAP_PASSWORD null LDAP password to use for proxy mode
LDAP_USER_BASE_DN Empty LDAP DN for users (Example: “CN=Users,DC=kanboard,DC=local”)
LDAP_USER_FILTER Empty LDAP pattern to use when searching for a user account (Example: “(&(objectClass=user)(sAMAccount Name=%s))”)
LDAP_USER_ATTRIBUTE_USERNAME uid LDAP attribute for username (Example: “samaccountname”)
LDAP_USER_ATTRIBUTE_FULLNAME cn LDAP attribute for user full name (Example: “displayname”)
LDAP_USER_ATTRIBUTE_EMAIL mail LDAP attribute for user email
LDAP_USER_ATTRIBUTE_GROUPS memberof LDAP attribute to find groups in user profile
LDAP_USER_ATTRIBUTE_PHOTO Empty LDAP attribute to find user photo (jpegPhoto or thumbnailPhoto
LDAP_USER_ATTRIBUTE_LANGUAGE Empty LDAP attribute for user language (preferredlanguage), the accepted language format is “fr-FR”
LDAP_USER_CREATION true Enable automatic LDAP user creation
LDAP_GROUP_ADMIN_DN Empty LDAP DN for administrators (Example: “CN=Kanboard-Admins,CN=Users,DC= kanboard,DC=local”)
LDAP_GROUP_MANAGER_DN Empty LDAP DN for managers (Example: “CN=Kanboard Managers,CN=Users,DC=kanboard,DC =local”)
LDAP_GROUP_PROVIDER false Enable LDAP group provider for project permissions
LDAP_GROUP_BASE_DN Empty LDAP Base DN for groups
LDAP_GROUP_FILTER Empty LDAP group filter (Example: “(&(objectClass=group)(sAMAccoun tName=%s*))“)
LDAP_GROUP_USER_FILTER Empty If defined, Kanboard will search user groups in LDAP_GROUP_BASE_DN with this filter, it’s useful only for posixGroups (Example: (&(objectClass=posixGroup)(mem berUid=%s)))
LDAP_GROUP_ATTRIBUTE_NAME cn LDAP attribute for the group name
LDAP_GROUP_USER_ATTRIBUTE username LDAP attribute for the user in the group filter