Contributor Guidelines

How can I help?

Kanboard is not perfect but there are many ways to help:

  • Report bugs
  • Add or update translations
  • Improve the documentation
  • Fix bugs

I want to report a bug

Be sure to read the instructions

I want to translate Kanboard

Kanboard is translated in many languages. You could improve existing translations or add new ones.

Read the instructions

I want to improve the documentation

You think something is not clear, there is grammatical errors, typos, anything.

Read the instructions

I want to contribute to the code

Pull-requests are always welcome. However, to be accepted you have to follow those directives:

  • Test your changes! Do not introduce regressions.
  • Before doing any large changes, open a new ticket to start a discussion.
  • If you want to add a new feature, respect the philosophy behind Kanboard. We focus on simplicity, we don’t want to have a bloated software.
  • The same apply for the user interface, simplicity and efficiency.
  • Send only one pull-request for each feature or bug fix.
  • A smaller pull-request is easier to review and it will be merged faster.
  • Make sure the unit tests pass.
  • Respect the coding standards.
  • Write maintainable code, avoid code duplication, use good practices.
  • Avoid introducing new dependencies.